Diet to Increase Semen Volume- Produce More Semen Naturally

Diet to Increase Semen Volume- Produce More Semen Naturally

Women perceive more semen volume as a sign of your male power and virility. There is no doubt a larger volume of semen enhances your fertility and also leads to stronger sexual encounters with your woman. A large volume of semen can make you enjoy more intense and explosive orgasms since you need stronger contractions to release a larger volume of semen. 

Your diet can play a pivotal role in helping you enhance your ejaculate or semen volume. It is not just diet that can help but you need to modify your entire lifestyle in such a way that you have enough of healthy food along with exercises and necessary rest.

Oysters are said to be a rich source of zinc that can help enhance your semen volume but the problem is that oysters thrive on the sea bed which is getting more and more polluted. Therefore you need to incorporate other foodstuffs into your diet such as celery.

Celery is a powerful food. It contains an odor-free hormone which is responsible in stimulating sexual desire for both men and women. Celery is also known to increase semen volume among men.

Aside from incorporating oysters and celery in your diet, it is extremely beneficial to have a balanced diet consisting of vegetables, fruits and meat. Giving up some unhealthy habits is also helpful.

For instance, smoking and drinking alcohol can have a negative effect on the health of your sperm. There are studies which confirm that smoking can damage the genetic material and also lead to fertility problems.

Moderate alcohol intake is acceptable but too much is not beneficial. Quality sleep and rest are also important.

Research had proven that stress, pressure and tension all contribute to decreased libido. Therefore, living a stress-free life and getting rid of all the pressure is just as effective as eating oysters and celery.

These principles may apply to some men and may not to some others. The good thing is that, one pill can do it all and it is enough to unleash a man’s full sexual potential.

Such pills are called Semen Enhancers. These pills are 100% natural and are packed with essential nutrients and minerals like l-arginine and zinc that ensure better sexual function in men and not just enhance semen volume.

Though there are many semen enhancers, it is just a few that actually work and can make you produce and ejaculate larger loads of semen.

Performer5 is one such supplement that can ensure steamy sexual encounters with your partner. It is a dual system and comprises of Vit5 and Performer5. This is what makes it unique and distinct from all the other semen supplements around.

Vit5 is a complete dose of minerals and amino acids that your body needs to produce and ejaculate more semen and healthy sperm. Performer5, on the other hand, is a powerful mix of herbs and other natural ingredients that not only ensure increased semen production but also help you achieve instant harder erections as well as the ability to last much longer in bed. However, better ejaculatory control is a benefit that comes when you use it for a few months(at least 3 months). It is a clinically approved product and does not have any side effects at all.

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Volume Pills is another supplement that has been helping men overcome their ejaculatory concerns for almost a decade now. It is packed with clinically proven and highly potent herbs that work by increasing testosterone production in your body. It can also make you ejaculate 500% more semen within a few weeks.

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