Zinc and Semen Volume- Increase Semen Production with Zinc

Zinc and Semen Volume- Increase Semen Production with Zinc

As far as semen production in your body is concerned, zinc happens to be the most important and crucial mineral. It plays a major role in maintaining your libido or sex drive and the production of semen and healthy sperm.

Not just this, it is also important for the production of testosterone. Testosterone is considered the primary male sex hormone and not only controls your sexual and erectile function but also controls a lot of other important body functions.

There are studies which indicate that zinc can help increase semen production as well as increase sperm count in men.

Foods such as oysters that are rich in this mineral have the reputation of love foods, largely because they have a positive impact on your sex drive and testosterone levels.

Other good sources include animal protein like red meat, poultry, dairy products, nuts, beans etc., In fact, animal protein happens to be the best source since zinc in this form is most readily absorbed by your body.

Fish like salmons, sardines and mackerels are great sources of such minerals like zinc, magnesium and selenium that your body needs for the production of testosterone and semen.

Over and above, there are some natural or herbal supplements that are packed with highly potent herbs and other natural ingredients that can provide a thrust to your semen volume and can increase the volume of your ejaculate by as much as 5 times within a few months.

A larger volume of ejaculate is not just good for your fertility but also helps enhance pleasure on ejaculation. This is mainly because you need stronger contractions to release a larger volume of seminal fluid. These contractions determine the intensity of pleasure and orgasms and stronger contractions mean more pleasure.

Though there are many semen supplements and most of them boast of containing zinc, a large number of such supplements do not contain zinc in the required quantity.

Top end supplements such as Performer5. however, can give your body a powerful dose of zinc.

In fact, it is the only semen supplement that contains up to 150mg of zinc  per serving in the form of zinc gluconate and zinc asparate

Performer5 is unlike most other semen supplements and come as a dual ejaculation system that comprises of Vit5 and Performer5:

  • Vit5 is packed with all the minerals and vitamins that your body needs in order to produce more semen.
  • Performer5 is loaded with time tested herbs and other natural ingredients that not only stimulate the production of testosterone in your body but also helps boost your libido and ensure powerful erections.

Performer5 can increase your semen volume by 500% within a few months. Not just this, having it for at least 3 months can also do wonders for your staying power or ejaculatory control.

It is clinically approved and does not have any side effects.

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Volume Pills is another semen supplement that has been around for almost a decade now. It is made with all natural ingredients and can increase your semen volume by 5 times within a few months.

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